natalie brookes racing driver


Full Name :                              Natalie Victoria Brookes

Age:                                         27

Favourite Car:                        Nissan Skyline GTR R34

Favourite Circuit and Why:   Angelsey Circuit, The corkscrew and way underated!

Hates:                                      Middle lane hoggers

Loves:                                     Doritos, skiing, shoes and my dog

Ambitions:                              Touring Cars or British GT!



  • National A Licence Holder
  • Drift Demonstrations at some of the biggest carshows in the UK
  • Competed in the CSCC Endurance Championship in 2017
  • Various Tests in a single seater Formula Ford to fine tune my driving
  • Precision and Stunt Driver for Rage Motorsport
  • 7 Podiums out of 10 races in various cars
  • Karting Coach and Instructor
  • Motorsport Woman Ambassador
  • Radio Presenter and Motorsport Promoter


How it all started....

I've always dreamed of racing since I was a little girl, I never thought it was in reach due to how expensive it is! Soon as I passed my driving test my love of cars shone through, I owned fast road cars such as a MR2s, RX7s, Skylines, Rx8s and Subaru Imprezas, i started street racing at the Age of 17, which wasnt the best idea as I ended up losing my licence for 6 months which broke my heart! Soon as I got my licence back I decided to turn my life around and enter Track Days, Time slots at car shows, sprints and hillclimbs and developed a taste for racing LEGALLY! I sold my beloved subaru impreza, bought a trailer, race car and a tow car got my Race National B. My first race I entered I came home with 2nd place and through the year I ended up with 4 podium places and never looked back!

Brisky Racing

Motorsport Woman